Are you a Highly Sensitive Person struggling with your well-being? Are you thriving, or just surviving?

Do you feel as though your personal energy has been depleted? Like you are running on empty?

Do you lie awake at night with a busy, overactive, worrying mind, trying to figure out why you feel so drained, and how to solve it?

Do you feel isolated from other people like you?

Do you wonder if there really is a place for you in the world or society as it exists?

Do you crave more meaning in your life? A more fulfilling way to spend your time, or deeper relationships?

I have 3 important things to tell you:

YOU're Not Alone.

Your Feelings are valid.

what you are experiencing is real.

Meet your coach

Tiara Ariel

Highly Sensitive Person and Empath

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Certified Transformation Academy Happiness Coach

I believe I was brought into this world as a highly sensitive person and empath. It is deeply engrained in and threaded through all that I am. For the first 25 years of my life, however, I was unaware of my traits, and therefore unaware that I wasn't fully understanding of or living truly as myself.

Once I learned about HSPs and Empaths, and starting becoming more aware of what it meant to be an HSE, my life shifted. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know! I healed parts of myself that were hiding out of fear, and each passing day, week, and month, I became more and more authentic to who I really am.

Belief was a huge part of that evolution. I had for the longest time believed it wasn't safe for me to be myself, and wasn't effective or possible for me to be myself and succeed, or to live a meaningful life authentically according to my truth. Working through these blocks I believe is what opened the door to my personal life satisfaction and success, in all areas of my life.

This is what I've set out to help you accomplish as well.

What people are saying

HSP and blogger of HiSensitives
writes about her experience with
Compassionate Coaching

"After consulting with Tiara, I feel so much better and confident that I can tackle whatever comes on my path."      -   Anne-Kathrin


"Tiara has always been my compass, showing me which direction I need to look. She has an innate ability to read the situation and make great suggestions while allowing me to connect-the-dots in such a meaningful way that these new insights really stick, allowing lasting changes. She is excellent at redirecting me when I feel lost. Her guidance, knowledge and intuition are gifts that I cherish in every conversation.

Recently, her insight and compassion opened me up to reveal a core issue that I had not addressed in all my years of therapy and self-improvement work. She gently guided me into the depths of one of my biggest blocks in life that was holding me back from experiencing my greatest joy and optimal health. With deep gratitude, I am a better person because she has touched my life."

— Tami


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