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My Story and My Credentials

I was born a Highly Sensitive Person and Empath, but of course didn't know it. It wasn't until my twenties that I started learning about myself on a much deeper level, and started connecting the dots of my life...


As a kid, I was different. I was very artistic, creative, social, but also emotional, sensitive, and just "sensed" things differently than those around me. I can remember doing that since before I even knew what the heck it was. I remember knowing how other kids in my classroom felt, even at a young age. I grew up pretty happy though, energetic and social, joyful and creative, from what I recall.

It was my teenage years that really threw me for a loop. Age 14 brought on a new era of physical, emotional, and mental challenges. I fainted from dehydration, developed anxiety and had panic attacks at school, started to not be able to keep up with my peers in gym class and became chronically fatigued. I was moody and emotional, but just chalked it up to being a teenager, as did most everyone else around me. I had one serious intense relationship after another, and felt the highs and lows so deeply. I loved deeply, and my heart broke deeply. Food seemed to start to not agree with me. Getting through the day became a larger and larger challenge as high school continued. Senior year came, and even as high-strung and stressed as I was, I had managed to earn enough credits and good grades from my perfectionism and type-A personality to able to graduate early. Even though that meant giving up the only time I would have left in the theatre program, the one thing that gave me a deep sense of purpose at that age, I had to stop everything and focus on my physical health.

But I didn't know where to look for answers. I just knew I needed a break from whatever it was. And without the stress of high school the severity of my struggle lessened, but it didn't go away. (What I didn't know was that I still needed damage repair, and self-understanding, along with the removal of the major stressors in my life. This is a lesson I didn't learn until a decade later.) Eventually the spring and summer came, and I went off to college. I started at a conservatory program, then transferred to a liberal arts program, switched majors and schools twice, and travelled to and lived in more places than I can count on one hand. I was hoping to find some sort of something that deeply resonated with me along the way, whatever that meant. I got tons of life experience, but I still felt lost. For years, my mom and I tried to figure out what was going on with my health. Doctors didn't know what to say, and often told me that the aches and pains were just in my head, and to just go home, I was fine. And even though in my gut I knew that wasn't true, that didn't stop those comments from being internalized. I had fleeting moments of doubting whether or not what I was feeling was valid or if I really was just being spoiled, difficult, lazy, a drama queen, weak, etc. - and that self-doubt is what hurt the most when it crept in. But there was always something inside of me that fought back those thoughts, and said "no! I KNOW there is something deeper going on here, and if other people can't find it, then I will".


As the years went on, I figured out one piece of the puzzle at a time, found a handful of alternative medicine doctors that "got" me to some extent, discovered food intolerances, learned about adrenal stress, digestive issues, a vitamin deficiency here and there, etc. But no one ever told me that I was highly sensitive, and that the reason I feel things so damn deeply was because I was programmed to be that way. That this stuff wasn't in my head. That there was a reason my emotional traumas stuck with me so much, and why my brain was fried, and I felt like I was lost. All of this was a combination of me struggling with real physical health issues, and experiencing them through an HSP lens, making me extra sensitive to what was going on. In a way, my sensitivity was a blessing, trying to communicate with me small changes in my body in hopes that I would listen and do something about it. But for the longest time, I wasn't well-versed in the language it was trying to speak.


I never gave up on my gut feelings, and kept investigating. It lead me to self-help books, healthier ways of eating and living, alternative medicine, and a quest for self-knowledge. I came across Dr. Elaine Aron's book called The Highly Sensitive Person and suddenly realized I wasn't alone. Through my adult years following high school, I also dealt with challenges in family life, career, finances, relationships, and seemed to compile one lesson after another. All of this catapulted me into a lifelong journey of healing, processing, diving deep into my psyche, choosing to believe in another way of being and living as an HSP Empath, taking a leap of faith, resetting, and creating a life from a space of authenticity, and fostering a passion for helping other people to do the same. I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, earned my coaching certificate, and realized I had already been cultivating knowledge in health, wellness, and self-improvement subjects, as well as how to thrive as an HSP, for over 14 years.

Since my high school days, I have drastically improved my anxiety, processed and healed many emotional pains, became much more self-aware, fine-tuned my diet, identified my passions and the direction I want to move in, implemented a gut/adrenal/brain healing plan, let go of toxic relationships, cultivated a strong healthy relationship with a long-term partner, co-created a loving, nurturing home environment, and (most importantly for you) - 

I have figured out the 3 obstacles that HSPs who are struggling with their emotional, physical, and mental well-being need to overcome in order to thrive and live a fulfilling, meaningful life. And I'm fired up and ready to share it with you.

Even though there is still plenty to heal and improve, and my journey is not yet finished (our healing and growing process is life long! And it is indeed a process), I have so much knowledge and experience to share with others, and I look forward to helping you, as I've helped myself. Using my skills as an empathic highly sensitive person with a great deal of life experience in the sectors of health and wellness, emotional intelligence, and self-development, I will help you piece together your puzzle and set out with confidence and passion towards creating a life that is in alignment with and deeply authentic to you, and do so with self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-compassion.


I feel the most important credentials are...
The results I've gotten myself:
"After stepping into my power, becoming my own source of strength, and reclaiming my life, I feel a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. I have confidence in myself, feel more pride and love for myself, and feel more free and more self-sufficient than I have in years, or maybe ever before. I feel as though I've found the key, unlocked the door, and am now well on my way to paradise, and can see the path laid out in front of me. I have clarity."  -Tiara
What others have gained from working with me:
"Insights that really stick, allowing lasting changes" -Tami
"helped me open up, see my own value, and become more self-aware..." -Matt
"allowed me the room to grow into a better person" -Malinda
(Full testimonials on home page)
And my commitment to sharing my knowledge with you.
But for those of you who want to see certifications, they are listed below:
  • Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Happiness Life Coaching from the Transformation Academy

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