About the Coaching Program

What's so special about your program?

I have created a revolutionary and unique coaching program that allows HSPs feeling drained, stuck, hopeless, lost, and frustrated, overcome this daily struggle in order to finally step into their power, become their own source of strength, and reclaim their life.

Imagine finally being able to leave behind those feelings, and finally stepping into a life that feels authentic, fulfilling, and meaningful... that feels supportive, uplifting, and free.

This program differs from those on the market because it will give you lasting results. It won't just be an educational or informational program, it will be transformational. It will give you the tools to be your own source of strength and healing beyond the duration of the course.

It is holistic, meaning it address all of the main struggles you go through as an HSP. It's not just about a quick fix, or some suggestions for self-care. The program and myself will guide you through deeper core issues, limiting beliefs, helping you shatter the roadblocks in your way and gain a tremendous amount of clarity and insight.


It won't be a passive experience, absorbing information. You will take an active role in your own healing, with my guidance, and if you commit to the process, you will see results. And you will have access to a community on the same journey, hiking beside of you, supporting you, encouraging you, accepting you along the way,

Okay, so I'll get incredible results. But how? 

The program is designed to walk you through a journey of self-discovery, revelations, and community support. You will learn and implement tactics to help you restore your strength through proper self-care, reclaim your life through authenticity, and step into your power with clarity of your purpose or passion in life. You will shed the layers of the old you, the exhaustion, the facade, and come out of hiding. You will have the right type of support needed to move through fear and limiting beliefs, and see yourself transform.

The structure of the program looks like this:

-Online course modules guiding you step by step through the process

-Modules include videos, exercises, and downloadable resources

-6 month access to the program - enough time so that you can move at your own pace, and also stay focused and committed to your results.

-Weekly group coaching calls via Zoom

-3 One-on-one calls scattered throughout the program

-Access to the community FB group for the duration of your 6 months

-Access to the alumni FB group indefinitely after the program so you can stay connected to the friendships you've made and your support system of other HSPs you've collected

Please note: the above program as of August 2019 is still being developed. You can sign-up for this program and begin once it is launched, or you can receive one-on-one coaching with the same topics until then, and then upgrade into the online program. Launch is expected for end of September 2019.

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