My name is Tiara Lavitt, and I earned a BA in Studio Art at Southern Oregon University, with a concentration in Photography. I originally studied Scenic Design (theatrical stage design) at California Institute of the Arts, and then decided to transfer after my first year: I wanted to explore many interests, and I realized a conservatory program wasn't right for me.


   After leaving CalArts, I found Marist College (a liberal arts college on the Hudson in upstate New York), whose branch campus in Florence, Italy I studied abroad through for a semester. At that point I had changed majors from Scenic Design to Studio Art hoping to get a broader education in the arts. Everyday that went by I missed theatre, but I knew in order to keep my curious brain satisfied, I had to allow myself to dive into other art forms and not be limited to one subject for four years. After returning to the states, I took some online courses through the same school, and ultimately ended up transferring to Southern Oregon to finish my degree.


   My roots began in a northern suburb of Chicago, where I attended a public high school. My school was very fortunate to have a well developed fine arts program and community. I first began theatre and photography in my early teens, and have been painting since I was a small child. Art has always been a large part of my life. I am also deeply passionate about health and wellness, food/nutrition, psychology, communication, self-improvement, as well as the great outdoors, sustainable living, and making positive lifestyle choices.


   Other interests (some of which I'd still like to explore further), include astronomy, environmental science, multiple musical instruments, vocals, dance, and modeling. 


   Since college, I have been developing an exciting business idea that revolves around many of the above stated passions and interests that I believe could become a large success once I have the experience I need to accomplish it.

   My most recent and notable position held was in Product Photography of all categories for a home goods e-commerce company. I could see myself continuing on this path, and/or working as a Photographer, Photo Editor, or Photo Retoucher in some other realm. I could also picture myself on a design or marketing team, as an events coordinator, or on a management team for a small business that emulates the ideas I have for my own business.


  My ideal work environment would include photography, painting, video, and/or design, collaborating with others on creative projects, all with a passion for health and wellness in mind. For more details on my work experience, view my resume.


More details...


Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Southern Oregon University

Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art, concentration in Photography, 3.9 GPA

Marist College & Lorenzo De' Medici

Studio Art studies

California Institute of the Arts

Scenic Design studies

Cobalt Studios

Scenic Painting Training


My favorite pastime is to explore new terrain, with some trail mix, a water bottle, and my camera. I love to get out and immerse myself in nature, taking hundreds of photos at a time. Back in my studio work space, I browse through the photos and find especially spectacular ones that I can then work with in Adobe Photoshop to make them as visually captivating as possible.


What drew me to theatre in the beginning was the fact that it (along with film) is the truest form of collaborative art. It combines sounds and music, with visual art and lighting, with paintings, poetry, and storytelling--all in a way that evokes incredible emotion and becomes a vehicle with which the audience transports to another time and place. No other art form in my opinion can touch the magic that live performances produce.


Along with taking photographs, I am very passionate about shooting video. As a child, I would work on small projects with friends and create short films and music videos frequently. As I grew older, it has become a more serious interest. While theatre has the palpable magic of live performance, film has the archival and fine-tune editing process that I marvel.



Other information...

Places I've lived:

-Highland Park, IL (Chicago suburb)

-Valencia, CA

-Firenze, Tuscana, Italy

-Santa Fe, NM

-Ashland, OR

-Mount Shasta, CA

-Chicago, IL

-Evanston, IL

Specifications for Modeling Purposes:

Female, 5' 5", brown hair, brown eyes, 100 lbs