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Be You. Why is That Phrase So Powerful?

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A Profound Piece of Advice

Be yourself. Be you. You do you. All these phrases I love.

But it's funny to me when I stop and think more deeply about that...

Be yourself.

"...the fact that I need a reminder, and that it's that profound, that's just crazy, right?"

Why Do We Need a Reminder?

If you ask a kid about that phrase they'd probably look at you dumbfounded - what do you mean, be yourself? Aren't you always and already yourself?

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It's so powerful yet so bizarre. The idea that we need to remember to be ourselves when you think about it fundamentally seems ridiculous... yet, it's so powerful because of how much conditioning and how many subconscious beliefs we've collected throughout our upbringing about what's okay to be and what's not.

Seems like most of childhood is figuring out how to hide parts of yourself to fit in. And then most of adulthood is undoing those things and reclaiming those parts of yourself.

How exhausting, right!? I mean seriously, this is madness. I love the reminder, be yourself, you do you, but the fact that I need a reminder, and that it's that profound, that's just crazy, right?

What If We Never Needed a Reminder in the First Place?

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Imagine for a moment: What would life be like if you didn't have to go through that process?

Would it be boring or not enjoyable because there would be no journey back to self?

Or would it be liberating and unbelievable to be able to start out life and continue life being completely authentic? Your potential would be limitless, right?

Maybe life wouldn't be as challenging, but maybe it could be just as or if not more rewarding... Or maybe it would be less rewarding. Or rewarding in a different kind of way.

Who Do You Know Who Has Never Seemed to Struggle With This? Take Notes From Them.

Those people who I've seen become wildly successful at a young or relatively young age, they always strike me as someone who never tried to fit in. Who never let society change them. Who never decided that hiding parts of themselves was easier. Some of you may be fans of hers, some of you may not be, but I love referring back to YouTuber Jenna Marbles as an example.

She began creating videos years ago simply because she loved to create them- she loved to make herself laugh, and others laugh - but she never stopped to think, what kind of video should I make to be accepted? What kind of video should I make to be popular? To be relevant? To be successful? She just full-force followed her heart and lived only for her. And she has not changed. Sure, she has grown and evolved as a person, and her channel is much more whole-hearted and grounded than it was years ago. But one thing is certain - she never stopped being herself. She became a massive success seemingly over night. And I think that is because of how fiercely she stuck to her truth, and how unwavering she is with who she is. The vibe I get from her is that the thought of living for others and to be someone else in order to be accepted has never even entered her mind. To me, she seems like she was one of those kids that just never got the memo from society to hide parts of yourself. She just is unabashedly Jenna. This is the reason I am a fan.

That's the transition I'm trying to make: to unapologetically be myself without thinking, as if it were second nature. Or... first nature? Hmm.

Also, just as a closing note: If I have kids someday, this would be a high priority goal for what I would want to make sure I teach them. To never, ever stop being themselves.

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