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Fascination with the Stars

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"It makes me feel as though there's so much more meaning to our lives than what meets the eye, and the trivial things that happen day in and day out are just not the point."

Sudden Interest in Astronomy

I don't think I realized it as a kid, or even a teen, but in my 20s I started becoming more and more fascinated with the stars in the night sky, and just staring at them. I love looking at photos and simulated animations of other planets and galaxies, and gaze at them in awe, wide-eyed with wonder. I took an astronomy class sort of on a whim in college - I had seen it on the registry, and just somehow knew I wanted to learn more about it. I did well in the class, and after finals week my teacher asked me to be the next year's teaching assistant. I was flattered, but it was my last semester in college. I was surprised at myself for being so interested in and good at a subject that I became passionate about really out of no where. I don't remember the day, I just remember not really caring about astronomy at all, and then at some point being interested in it. Maybe my soul randomly went, it's time. Lol, I don't know.

Since college, thanks to my boyfriend, I have gotten really into Star Trek. We've loved watching the tv shows together, and I thought it was just the characters, writing, plot, etc. that I enjoyed about it. It was something he wanted to share with me, and over time I began to love it.

Then we watched a couple documentaries on different space shuttles, and planets, NASA things, ya know, random Netflix movie discoveries on the topic of space and the stars... And I was into it more than I thought I'd be.

It wasn't until recently that I pieced it together. I love star-gazing, thinking about space, and other planets and worlds out there because I love thinking about there being more to all of this than just what we can tangibly see on Earth.

Wondering What's Out There and What it Means

I once heard someone say that with how incredibly and perfectly self-sufficient our planet's ecosystems are, and how many other galaxies and millions of stars there are out there, that it would be somewhat naive, arrogant, and small-minded to think that we are the only life forms; that we are the only planet supporting conscious life. I would have to agree.

Staring up at the night sky and seeing all the stars, the moon, or just darkness, and thinking about how unbelievably vast the universe is just blows my HSE mind, and in a good way. I love wondering about what else is out there and feeling connected to something much larger than myself. I feel confirmation that there is a larger purpose for us and that we each carry meaning. That there is a palpable energy that connects and guides us if we choose to tune in.

Thinking about how small we and the Earth are compared to the vastness of the Universe makes me feel so unimportant and so important at the same time. It makes me feel as though there's so much more meaning to our lives than what meets the eye, and the trivial things that happen day in and day out are just not the point. That most of these things that we get so caught up in are not really important. At the same time, it feels as though every little thing in the Universe has a purpose and does not exist simply by accident: not to say that we're all part of some elaborate story that is already written for us, but that we're in co-creation and partnership with a force beyond our comprehension. Like we were all placed here at a certain time, and certain things happen, and we're supposed to just see what follows, or see how we react, or what we can make of it... Like something, somewhere is just gently trying to orchestrate or show us something... It makes me feel as though everything is right how it should be, and that there is so much that we still don't know and don't understand.

Big Picture Perspective: Zoom Out for a Second

I feel as a highly sensitive empath, that part of my being here is to wonder about these things. And is to "tap into" that energy that feels all-knowing, yet illusive, and help people begin to wonder about the bigger picture, of their lives, and life itself. To help people take a step back and just observe and wonder for a while... take their minds off the ants in front of them and look out over the cliff to the valley of millions of possibilities. To see how the ants are a small, but important part of a huge expansive ecosystem. And not that the ants are less integral; they are not just pawns; they each live out their meaningful piece of a giant puzzle. That the mountains and valleys are not more meaningful, you just see them take shape as you zoom out.

Or you could view this metaphor as the ants representing the trivial things in life (what car we drive, who has more money, what someone else thinks about you...etc.), and the view and the mountains etc. (how we feel about ourselves, if we feel fulfilled, if we have and nurture love in our lives) is what is important...

Or you can take the metaphor to mean that Earth and us are the ants functioning as a part of a whole that is so massive, we haven't quite been able to comprehend it yet. And that many of us sadly never stop to look up and out.

Endless Possibilities

I want to help people to stop and take a step back to be able to start seeing connections in their lives, and start realizing that there is more than just one way of "being". We truly can find a way to do whatever it is we want in life. The get up and commute to a 9-5 job and run errands, do chores, go to sleep *thing*, is just one piece of our lives, or even one possibility for our lives. If you followed the typical path and love your 9-5 job and life, that's excellent! And I'm not saying that that way of life is bad... But think about how different things were just a few hundred years ago. Or how different they are in other countries... We operate the way we do because of the time and space we are in. But as humans, aren't we capable of really any way of living? Are we not? I don't know, but I get this sense that we don't have to follow the grind or what society at this time and place in history deems to be "the right way", if we don't want to and feel called to something else. Those of us that don't feel quite right doing the normal go to college, get a job, climb the ladder, *thing*, I think are meant to do something else, and I feel that ignoring that feeling because its not "normal" is a mistake.

Plus I just simply think that its a nice thought to believe that each of us was born with a certain inclination and passion towards something to be able to fulfill some sort of purpose for the larger collective. Maybe some of us don't even tap into it, don't quite understand it, or feel and see it, but don't use it... Maybe some of us do and hit the nail on the head. I think if you feel a deep sense of fulfillment you know you've got it.

Things change in history and for mankind when those people who do feel that nudge, follow it. I've been one of those people that just went through life feeling like something was just off. Something was off about the way most of the people I've seen throughout my life, live their lives, that there is more to it than what we see. Sure, we still need to make money, and run errands, and clean the house, etc. But each and every one of us should feel a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment in what it is we do with majority of our time. That's my gut feeling, anyway.

Why All of This Moves Me

I want to be able to connect to what's meaningful to me, to what I feel is important about life. Looking up at the stars always widens my perspective, by like tenfold, and helps me sort of recalibrate to a bigger picture way of thinking. The wait a minute, what am I doing? Why am I doing it? type of question...

Sometimes I feel like the stars moving across the night sky are all little messages that we are not seeing or failing to read... just sitting there going, whenever you decide to look I'm right here. Not rushing us or nagging us, just patiently waiting for us to connect the dots.

Ya know that part in the movies where the main character stops in his tracks, his eyes sort of space out and fixate on something non existent, and you see the wheels turning in his mind... and then he suddenly pieces everything together and it just makes sense? Whatever problem he was facing? I feel a palpable energy sometimes that everyone is sort of living just outside that wavelength, strolling along right next to it, not seeing or hearing it. And I've been sort of wanting and waiting for the collective to have that ah-hah! moment.

My Hope for Us

I would love to live in a world where more of us were more grounded, more focused on what truly matters, less fearful and anxious, less self-conscious, and more passionately and bravely following whatever it is that speaks to them. The stories of those people living out their days in a job they hate because their parents or someone else told them to be an x, y, z, never pursuing the thing they care about most, or never going to that travel destination, or never telling that one person how they feel, make me deeply frustrated. I feel upset, and like my soul wants to burst out of my body and shake that person and tell them to wake up!

This blog was supposed to be about stars, and it is. But somehow I always end up back here, describing how I want to help people wake up.

I don't get to see the stars that often, but I really, deeply enjoy the times that I do get to star gaze. And if you've never watched a meteor shower, Google search when the next one can be seen where you live, and plan to lay on a blanket with your friends and watch the shooting stars. If you're anything like me, you'll love it!

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