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First Blog Post! Hello World!

I would like to introduce myself.

I am the Highly Sensitive Empath! HSE for short.

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Okay, I am a highly sensitive empath. I know there are many more of us out there. I'm hoping that if you're reading this, you are one of them. Or, someone who loves one of them! Or maybe just someone who is just an intrigued by these traits as I am.

I learned about the highly sensitive trait a couple years ago, and not shortly after learned about being an empath. I became fascinated by these ideas and what they meant for my life.

Here is a short entry that I wrote for HiSensitives - another highly sensitive trait focused blog and community - about my story and how learning about the HS and E traits positively affected my life:

"Ever since finding out that highly sensitive people and empaths were 'a thing', I've felt like my world piece by piece started to make sense... As I looked back through my life, I could see these traits threaded throughout each experience, and gained a much more self-compassionate perspective on my younger years:
  • why my relationships were so intense

  • why I struggled to thrive and felt odd physical sensations and emotional swings going to school in a massive, old, 4-story high school filled with nearly 2,000 kids

  • why I always felt I could read animals, and feel other's pain

  • why I thought I could sense 'something' not tangible which I know now is "energy"

  • why my friends flocked to me for advice

  • why I just "knew" things

  • why I always felt connected to something larger than myself and craved meaning.

Now, I am able to understand and take pride in myself to an extent that I never had before. I no longer feel "crazy", and have a more loving relationship with myself. I am much more emotionally self-sufficient after taking a deep dive into self-discovery. And the best part: becoming aware has helped me gain confidence and optimism about my place in the world and my future!"

Anyone else feel this way when they learned of their trait? Were you able to finally piece things together?

I've always loved helping my friends, family, and loved ones become more in-tune with their wants and needs in life. I've felt compelled to inspire them to believe in themselves and take action, and support them through that process. My goal with my website and my social media accounts is to share all the many facets of my highly sensitive empath life, and show just how interwoven it is into everything I am and everything I do. Its something I now take pride in and think is beautiful, and I feel there is potential to unlock a great deal of talent that can be used for the service of others, the planet, and for my own wellbeing. And I truly feel that is part of why I am here.

On my accounts, I hope to share stories, thoughts, interests, recipes, photos, videos, and other aspects of my life that I feel someone else could relate to or feel inspired by.

I'm also on a journey to answer, or at least discuss, some of life's bigger questions, and I hope to connect with those that are on a similar wavelength, and invite a conversation to begin. Maybe we can brainstorm a whole new way of being for HSPs and Es! Oh, and by the way, you will see me referring to myself as an HSE, quite often. I realized that I felt equally connected to both traits, and that there is a great deal of overlap for me. I wanted to the tie the terms together, because I feel "HSE" represents me the most fully and truly.

You can follow me through my hashtags, #HSEmpath and #HSandE.

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

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