Escape to the lake.

     From June 2012 to April 2013, I took photographs, recorded sounds, and wrote descriptions of locations as I traveled as a way to document the sensory information present in each location for the purpose of recreating that environment for an audience. What you will see is one of the final products of that process. The idea is to see if you as audience members can transport yourself to this space with the visual and auditory information provided, while in your mind filling in the details that I purposefully left out.

     This video was originally shown in a dark viewing space with a surround sound system, as a projection onto a screen. The audience came in, I described the experience to them as above, and they sat spread out from each other, away from any peripheral distractions, silently, for 25 minutes. There were small windows in the space that were opened so that they could feel the air as it came into the space, and the sounds from a nearby creek, overall adding to the immersion of the experience. It was a success and most people felt as if they had been transported, completely forgetting about the space they were in, getting lost in the world that had been presented to them. With this project, I wanted to use photography to address the power of the mind and explore that realm that we humans relocate to when we are daydreaming or imagining a world inside a book. I worked very carefully throughout the process to find the delicate balance between too much and too little auditory and visual information. There were many drafts of this piece, and many other locations. I also compiled a book of all the logs and images I gathered over the course of the 10 month period. The book has not yet been published or uploaded to a website, but if you wish to view some of the other videos I experimented with during this process, click here.