Tiara Ariel

Highly Sensitive Person & Empath

Wellness Coach & Content Creator

During a recurring lunch date Tiara had with her good friend and coworker Jen back in 2017, Tiara found herself really focused and present just sitting with Jen and listening to her concerns about her life. She paused for a few moments, carefully thinking over what Jen had told her. Then, she thoughtfully crafted a response that she imagined would not only help Jen feel at ease, but also give her a new perspective, a piece of wisdom, or a solution that maybe Jen hadn't thought of. Without realizing it at the time, Tiara really began to sink into this 'listener and advisor' role as Jen opened up to her. She could see how Jen felt safe, and validated, and that from their conversation, Jen's energy began shifting in a positive way. They sat for a moment, and then Jen said, "Wow, Tiara - you're really good at this! Ya know, you could do this - as a career". It was that moment that Tiara for the first time genuinely considered the dream of becoming a coach...

After that specific conversation with Jen, Tiara reflected back over her life for a little while, and realized this was indeed a comment she had frequently heard before... She tended to be the person that the people around her would go to for advice, and she hadn't realized just how much she loved this role. Tiara had always loved talking to people about the real life stuff that mattered the most - and help people work through and process their own thoughts and feelings...

In the same year, the universe steered Tiara towards a Youtube video on "high sensitivity" - it was the first time she had heard of that term, and everything she learned in that video resonated more deeply than virtually anything else ever had. Each new nugget of information on the highly sensitive trait sent waves of validation and understanding through her entire existence. She was hooked.

Later in 2018, the universe dropped Tiara another hint - this time on Instagram. It was an advertisement for an online coaching certification program... The wheels really started turning in Tiara's highly sensitive brain. She felt pulled to follow this inkling and pursue the program. As an exercise at the end of her coaching certification, she was prompted to begin thinking about a group of people she'd like to set out to help. She knew immediately it was the highly sensitive tribe.

Through her own personal journey in life, Tiara has learned a great deal about psychology, relationships, emotional intelligence, nutrition, holistic wellness, and more - and it felt only natural to beautifully weave all of these life experiences and lessons into a coaching program to help other highly sensitive people - especially those feeling stuck on the hamster wheel of survival mode.

Tiara truly believes that HSPs can very much thrive, if given the right tools, support system, and environment in which to do so. She also believes all of us, HSP or not, have come here with a purpose, with value to offer the world - and that if you are stuck in survival mode, you unfortunately remain so caught up (and rightfully so) in just trying to attend to your basic needs - that you never actually get a chance to reach beyond that struggle - To be able to build that dream that you've kept in your heart, and share your gifts with your family, friends, community, or the world. In order to pour your love outwards into your world and reach those whose lives you want to touch, you need to first fill up your own cup.

This is why Tiara is so determined to get her message out to HSPs. Tiara has set out to create the platform for you to step onto, but you have to answer the calling... Only you can make the choice to hop on board and make your well-being a tip-top priority.



Fun facts about Tiara:

Besides a highly sensitive and empathic wellness coach and content creator, Tiara is also a... 

  • Nature Photographer

  • Cat & Dog Mom

  • Health Food Enthusiast

  • Card Reader

  • Visual Artist

Tiara has been on a gluten-free diet since 2011 when she found out she has a gluten intolerance.

Tiara is from the Chicagoland area, has been to 30 of the 50 US states, and has lived in 5 of them.

Coaching, photography, visual arts, and the HSP trait all run in her family.

Tiara's zodiac sign is Leo, and her Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ.