All New Coaching Program Coming in 2021!


Origin Story

"Once I discovered I was an HSP, I joined online group communities. I spent countless hours in these groups reading posts and comment threads from other HSPs... After a while of this, I started seeing patterns, common themes and connections among all HSPs - the things we struggle with, and our deepest desires and needs in life.

When I decided to devote my coaching practice to helping HSPs thrive, I wanted to address all of these common themes that HSPs brought up in the groups... not only focusing on the basic concepts self-care like most other resources I've seen for highly sensitive people. I wanted to create something that could serve as a thorough and widespread foundation to be able to excel in all areas of life, to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally, and gain the life satisfaction and sense of purpose that we all crave...

I've spent the last 2 years developing and building this all-encompassing coaching program and educational experience and I'm so excited to share it with the HSP collective community very soon. As you read this, I am working diligently on completing this project."   

-Tiara Ariel

Green Nature

What's being built...

Featuring over 80 modules and exercises on incredibly

valuable topics such as:

  • Stress management

  • Setting boundaries

  • Understanding the nervous system

  • Improving relationships

  • Food as medicine

  • Accessing your intuition

  • Identifying your dream career

  • Getting quality sleep

  • Why we struggle with things like our energy, being our authentic selves, and finding our purpose

and much, much more!

An online course
An online community

The best chance you have at creating sustainable positive change in your life is having access to real-life connections with other people who have similar goals, and are going through the same things.

  • Share stories and ask questions

  • Gain support and validation

  • Get fresh new ideas

  • Make lifelong friends

  • Be a part of a healing movement

Virtual coaching sessions

Weekly group coaching calls +

A handful of one-on-one calls

Why group sessions?

  • Gain insight from others' questions

  • Open up in a safe place - which is a crucial part of having a breakthrough

  • Enables Tiara (who is also an HSP) to give more of her energy to more of her clients

Each group session is filled with non-judgmental support, the chance to feel loved and accepted by a group of compassionate HSPs, and plenty of golden nuggets of life-changing insights and heartfelt conversation​.

One-on-one sessions are personalized check-ins as you move through the program to ensure you are getting the support you need.

WhatsApp Access (optional add-on)

For those looking for the highest level of support, you can also receive additional access to feedback and coaching from Tiara via the WhatsApp messaging app. This feature helps you stay as engaged and in touch with your goals as possible and gives you another layer of encouragement to stay motivated.

Your self-improvement journey awaits...

Are you jazzed about the program?

Do you want to learn more about Tiara's coaching philosophy, why this program is so different from all the rest, what exactly you'll be gaining out of enrolling in this program, and how your well-being and life satisfaction can be absolutely transformed for the better? Tiara has created a FREE online webinar that you can watch right now that will teach you:

Image by Tj Holowaychuk

"The 3 Keys to Thriving as an HSP and Climbing Out of Survival Mode for Good"