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"As a visual artist and photographer at heart, Instagram has always been my favorite social media platform. So much so, that I currently have 3 accounts you can follow! This may change in the future if I decide to combine them all. But for now - depending on your interests, you can choose the kind of content you want to have on your feed from me."

-Tiara Ariel


HSP Spirit Guide

Card readings and posts using my self-improvement card deck for HSPs


HSP Coach

Wellness tips, journaling prompts, about me, and information about the highly sensitive trait

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Highly Sensitive Empath

Blog posts with my thoughts as a highly sensitive person and empath, plus relaxing nature videos and images


"Along with photography, I also love creating videos. I have had so many ideas for Youtube channels with all different kinds of content for HSPs - and haven't had the time or space yet to bring all these ideas to fruition. I hope in the future to be able to create more nature videos, video readings, and start a "live" project where you can interact with me in real-time.

One project I am particularly fond of is a collaboration channel I created with the co-founder of HiSensitives, Anne-Kathrin. The name of our channel is "Highly Sensitive Friends Talking". We wanted to have an approachable way for HSPs to feel they had two friends who understand them on the level of being an HSP - something that many of us HSPs don't always have access to in majority of our friendships. Together, we recorded a few dozen video meetings over Zoom discussing topics that we felt HSPs could relate to and gain value from. This project has been paused for the time being, but you can still view all of our previously uploaded videos on the Youtube channel below. We hope you enjoy them!"

-Tiara Ariel

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Highly Sensitive Friends Talking
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